Victoria Beauty – Ácido hialurónico, crema antiarrugas, día y noche, crema de aceite de aguacate y Matrixyl con filtro… Precio: 10,30 (Fecha: 25/11/2022 02:10 PST- Detalle)

Not only is the new Fusion ProGlide Gillette?s most comfortable shave*, it also turns shaving into gliding. Re-engineered for less tug and pull versus Fusion, Fusion ProGlide?s blades are Gillette?s thinnest, finest blades** and feature an advanced, low-resistance coating. The blade stabilizer supports each of the five blades at the centre of the cartridge to maintain optimal distance between them. The result? Minimal movement and outstanding comfort.The Snowplough comfort guard has six new ports that channel away excess shave prep. This helps prevent aquaplaning, while gently stretching the skin for a close shave. ProGlide?s enhanced Lubrastrip is significantly larger than Fusion?s, making for a smooth stroke. The redesigned trimmer features an enhanced blade–helping you deal with those tricky areas that are hard to shave. So for less tug and pull than Fusion, an effortless glide through hair and great comfort, experience Fusion ProGlide.Fusion ProGlide has re-engineneered blades that are Gillette?s thinnest, finest blades ever*. Because driving comfort isn?t always about adding blades, it?s also about making them thinner. They?re finished with Gillette?s most advanced low-resistance coating, allowing the blades to glide effortlessly through hair for less tug and pull**. It?s Gillette?s most comfortable shave ever.*Among manual variants** Sustancial blades vs. Fusion
Ácido Hialurónico garantiza una óptima skin-hydration & tributo a restaurar skin-elasticity
óleo de Aguacate, vitamina E & d-panthenolhelp atesorar líneas y arrugas
Estimula y revitaliza la badana, aportando a cuerda su resplandor oriundo.
Preparado para el minucioso facial para mujeres de más de 30 crónica