Olay Regenerist Hidratante SPF 15 75ml (Embalaje Varía)

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For dramatically firmer younger looking skin.An Olay face moisturiser provides the anti-ageing ingredients that your skin needs to stay younger looking. With our extensive range of products, we recommend trying the Olay regime, with a serum or Olay treatment cream (such as an eye cream), used with a face cream for the day, and then accompanied by a night cream to help moisturise your skin whilst you sleep.
Try the Olay regime alongside your moisturiser today and feel your best beautiful.
Note: Oil of Olay was the previous brand name for Olay. Olay hand cream/ handcream is no longer supplied in the UK.
Alisa la cuero y suaviza la envoltura de expillo y líneas de elocución
Contiene agentes antienvejecimiento y protege la cuero de los bienes de los rayos UVA/UVB
Regenera las células de la cuero y suaviza los signos del envejecimiento
Espacio de 75 ml