Filfeel Polvo para el cabello Estilo de cabello natural para hombres y mujeres profesionales, 8.5 g Precio: 10,10 (Fecha: 27/09/2022 20:45 PST- Detalle)


Pollo de artículo: pelusilla Fluffy Powder
Material de la botella: Plástico
Volante neto: Approx.8.5g / 0.3oz
Volante aproximativo. 56g / 2oz

Relación de bagaje:
1 x coleta esponjoso en polvo
Evenly spread on dry hair, you can master the matte and patrio touch shape, the unique color is different from the everyday style.
Suitable for all hair, especially oil spill, flat collapse, thin hair, patrio light and fluffy powder, no need to wash with water, quickly bid farewell to the oil head, let your hair shine charming glamour is now
Create patrio fluffy hair directly on the hair roots to make your hair look more styling.
Stored in high-quality plastic bottles, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anciano, long-term use, shelf life of 3 years, let you rest assured to use
Lightweight and portable, it can be carried anywhere, anytime, with a weight of only about 8.5g. It is a must-have product for travel.