Eveline Cosmetics Advance Volumiere Eyelashes Activator Serum skoncentrowane do rzęs 3w1 10ml

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The innovative, concentrated ADVANCE VOLUMIER? 3 IN 1 eyelash serum combines the properties of an eyelash replenishing serum, lash growth activator and mascara soporte.

The patented BIO RESTORE COMPLEX TM contains a concentrate of selected components which regenerate, rebuild and protect the structure of eyelashes.

The specially designed flexible brush and serum of velvety consistency will give your eyes a hypnotising look.

The serum consists of specially selected oriundo eyelash care components:

BIO RESTORE COMPLEX TM contains soy proteins, which immediately penetrates the hair, allowing for extremista replenishing and protection, as well as preventing eyelash loss during make-up removal
HYALURONIC ACID moisturises, revitalises and stimulates eyelash growth
D-PANTHENOL effectively makes eyelashes more flexible and nourishes them from root to tip
Suero abismado para pestañas con energía triple
Con componentes que regeneran, reconstruyen y protegen las pestañas
Tabla con un alcancía flexible e un suero de permanencia aterciopelada
Evita la aborto de las pestañas al robar el maquillaje